Wellhead Christmas tree

The experts of the Voronezh Mechanical Plant have developed and are producing wellhead valves of all types and circuits, according to GOST 13846-89 and wellhead casing harnesses of (WCH) types. 


The valve is intended for short-its oil and gas holes, hanger the wells of pipelines, control and regulation of well operation, carrying out necessary technological operations, blocking the flow of the working medium.

Service conditions

The proposed wellhead makes it possible to operate a well in the following modes:
●    Gusher
●    Injection
●    Media pumping with electro-submersible and rod pumps

The fittings are reliable when used in particularly complicated conditions:

●    In environments containing H2S and CO2 up to 25% by each volume, oil impurities, corrosion inhibitors, etc.
●    At operating pressures from 2000 to 15,000 psi (14-105 MPa);
●    In various climatic zones with ambient temperatures from - 60 to + 60 0C.

The wellhead Christmas tree meets the requirements of quality levels PSL 1, PSL 2, PSL 3 and PR 1, PR 2.

For the K2 environment, O-ring’s ring gasket can be made at customer’s request with corrosion resistant surfacing; media contacting parts, made of stainless steel.

For the K3 medium, the barrel parts are made of stainless steel.

The valve can be designed and manufactured according to individual orders of consumers, taking into account the conditions of operation, the selected class of material components and the required packaging combinations.

The composition of X-mas trees and the string harness with the possibility of remote regulation of the operation of wells includes:

●    Single-flanged сasing bowl
●    Gate valve flanged mechanical
●    Wedge tube holder
●    Tubing spool
●    Pipeline hanger (Tubing)
●    (Tubing) hanger adapter
●    Gate valve mechanism
●    Gate valve with hydraulic remote control
●    Angular choke (butterfly) fitting adjustment with remote control hydraulic drive

The back pressure valves wellhead

The back pressure valve wellhead of BPV is designed to change the Christmas tree under pressure and is installed in the threaded pipe holder (tubing hanger) of the tubing head. 

The two-way check wellhead valve

The two-way check wellhead valve
is designed to fit a tubing hanger's tubing (tubing) detachable cork (DC) in order to shut off the wellbore during integrity testing of the X-mas tree after it has been installed in the well.

After reinstalling the spring at the other end of dual shut-off valves, it can be used as a back pressure valve wellhead (BPV) to shut down the wellbore when repairing or completely replacing the X-mas tree.

The needle valve

The needle valve is a shut-off and discharge device in the lines of operational measurement of the actual pressure value. The needle valve is installed on X-mas trees, wellhead and blowout prevention equipment, pipelines, injection stands.

The plant produces a series of needle valves for operating pressures of 21MPa, 35MPa, 70MPa, 105MPa of various designs depending on the composition of the downhole medium K1, K2, K3. Operating temperature range, from minus 60 to plus 121°С. Climatic version U1, HL1

For a pressure of 105 MPa according to the requirements of API-6A, a needle valve is produced using only metric threads in the design. 

Needle valve with 2 shut-off units for operating pressures 21 and 70 MPa designed for operation in aggressive environments (K3)