Panametrics ultrasonic flowmeters have received wide recognition and are successfully used in various industries in Russia. The devices manufactured by the company measure the flow rate, moisture of gasses and liquids, and determine the composition of gas mixtures. GE Panametrics has a number of well-deserved awards for innovative solutions in this area of measurement technology. Currently, GE Panametrics is part of the GE Sensing division of General Electric Corporation.

GE Panametrics equipment has Russian Gosstandart Certificates and is registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments. The devices have a calibration interval of 4 (four) years for flowmeters and 1 (one) year for gas and moisture analyzers.


●    Fluid
●    Gas
●    Steam


●    No flow obstacle;
●    No moving parts;
●    No possibility of buildup and plugging;
●    Designed for various temperatures (-200C to +600C) and pressures;
●    High measurement accuracy;
●    Powerful diagnostic and alarm system;
●    Multiple sizes (12.5mm to 7500mm).


●     Require no maintenance;
●    Efficiency improvement;
●    Increasing accounting accuracy;
●    Security and reliability of measurements;
●    Low exploitative expenses.